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Traditional hospital privacy curtain is hard to clean on a frequent basis. The study shows that it can be contaminated with deadly drug-resistant bugs within 2 weeks, including MRSA. According to the US Centers for Disease Control, nearly 20,000 MRSA-related deaths occurred in the US in 2017, most of them from hospital- acquired infections.
Bailida’s folding screen is the best alternative to the traditional privacy curtain. With its anti-bacterial surface and quick-to-clean nature, it can efficiently minimize the risk of posing threat to patient safety.
With swivel castors attached, it provides excellent maneuverability which enables health care workers to move the folding screens around for different applications.   The elegant design is ideal for bringing a warm feeling to the hospital. 
With its sturdy aluminum frame and patented structure, Bailida’s folding screen is not only one of the lightest screens in the market, it also ensures the optimum hygiene. Furthermore, the panels are also impact resistant, scratch resistant and flame retardant.